A Decade of Difference

In October 2018 the MSFF celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary at Somerset House.

Somerset House, the venue for the MSFF 10 Year Anniversary

Letter from Founder & Chairman, Hani Farsi

With the support of over 100 partners and friends over the last decade, the MSFF has grown from a dream to a reality.

On 17th October 2018 we hosted our 10th anniversary event at Somerset House. It moved me to see some of my oldest friends in London, as well as business partners, supporters, and family all under one roof. In many ways the room represented a cross section of not only the MSFF but my life, which was truly humbling.

I would like to thank Somerset House for being magnificent hosts, and to thank my teams at Corniche and  the MSFF for the superb job they did in organising this evening. I would also like to thank UCLA TFT Dean, Teri Schwartz, for her wonderful and warm speech.

So why host the event? The intention wasn’t to raise money, and it certainly wasn’t to congratulate ourselves. The evening was a moment of reflection and celebration for our partners and all they’ve achieved over the last ten years. It was also an opportunity to look to the future. Every day our grantees change and save lives all across the world. Their work encompasses human rights activism, environmental issues, education, medical aid, archaeological research, film preservation, female representation in the arts, and engaging people of all backgrounds with theatre, among many other causes.

We do our part, supporting and empowering them where we can, but they are the ones who deserve every bit of our praise and gratitude. I sincerely believe the creation of wider positive shifts in society must be driven by diverse people and communities at a grassroots level, and without our grantee partners there would be no path to positive social and environmental change. It is my great honour to be able to support them as they foster long lasting improvements across the world.

The foundation is named after my father, Dr. Mohamed Said Farsi. His countless acts of charity and kindness are the greatest example I could ask for, and it is in his spirit that the MSFF was created. When I was a child my father taught me the importance of philanthropy, and that you could be a different model of someone from the Middle-East without sacrificing your identity.

At the MSFF it has always been our ambition to reach communities across the world, bridging all cultures and all religions. We intend to continue that mission for many years to come.

The MSFF tree was the centre-piece for the event
Farah Shaer, Hani Farsi, Dean Terri Schwartz, Hanadi Elyan
Hani Farsi with the Corniche team
Hepple Gin Negronis
Dean Teri Schwartz
Hani Farsi