Archaeology and Development Foundation

The MSFF is a proud partner of the Archaeology and Development Foundation (ADF), an organisation established to better understand the origins of the Khmer Empire and ensure that Cambodian people living around the archaeological sites are directly involved in their protection.

Before, clearing vegetation at Prasat Thma Dap
After, completed restoration in Phnom Kulen

The MSFF was a founding supporter of ADF in 2008 when they first started their work in Phnom Kulen, Cambodia. The MSFF contributed to ADF’s archaeological research and heritage preservation, where numerous sites were de-mined, excavated and are now preserved. Furthermore, the MSFF supported local communities in the remote villages of Kulen Mountain through funding vital infrastructure, such as bridges, school facilities and buildings to enhance education and health programmes.

Beyond this support, the MSFF gave an additional gift that enabled ADF to begin airborne light detection and ranging (or LiDAR) in the Kulen Mountain. LiDAR is an optical remote sensing technology that utilises non-visible light to map objects present on the Earth’s surface. This access to LiDAR led to ADF’s discovery of the spectacular urban network from the IXth century city of Mahendraparvata. In the words of ADF’s National Manager, Sakhoeun Sakada, this was “a groundbreaking discovery in the field of archaeological research in Cambodia.”

Ceremony at Prasat Damrei Krap
Restoration in progress at Phnom Kulen